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the barn

Every stage of the life cycle has happened in The Barn since before recorded history.  From: birth, to childhood, adolescence, work, play, weddings ~ all the way through final end of life celebrations. These all fade and repeat while The Barn remains the ultimate enduring symbol of Legacy, Strength, Resilience, Integrity, and most importantly: 

Shared bonds between generations of families, friends, neighbors, and guests.

The Barn is where families are built, where communities are built, legacies and connections are built ~ with time,  purpose, always by hand, and always together. That is what being Barn Built is all about. 

the beginning

The Building Barn was founded in 2013 by Evan Farmer, someone who takes fatherhood and family very seriously, with the goal of creating an ideal space for cultivating legacies and connection through shared building and cooking legacy experiences.  Barn Built products are the tools that Evan has created and hand selected to fulfill this mission, from: Barn Built apparel to DIT (do it together) build at home kits, and everything in-between representing the Barn Built ethic.